The Black Keys – Tighten Up

El maravilloso mundo de los parques infantiles, donde las más extrañas criaturas… vigilan a sus hijos. The Black Keys, muy recomendables.

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  1. I wanted love, i needed love
    Most of all, most of all…
    Someone said “true love was dead”
    But i’m bound to fall for you.

    Oh what can i do?

    Take my badge, but my heart remains
    Loving you, babe, child…

    Tighten up on your reigns, you’re running wild.

    It’s true.

    Sick for days…

    So many ways…

    I’m aching now, i’m aching now…

    It’s times like these, i need relief.
    Please show me how, show me how…


    When i was young, and moving fast,
    Nothing slowed me down, slowed me down.

    Now i let the other pass,
    I’ve come around, come around.

    ‘Cause i found.

    Living just to keep going
    Going just to be sane.

    All the while i know
    It’s such a shame.

    I don’t need to get steady,
    I know just what to feel.

    Telling me to be ready, my dear.


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